God Thoth


The ancient Egyptians were one of the first to write anything down, aside from official records. They
wrote letters, stories and poems; praises to the gods and pharaohs were inscribed on temple walls and
monuments. They recorded detailed history on scrolls of papyrus, the world first paper. It was Thoth,
the Scribe, who taught them how to do this. Thoth was a mysterious god who could appear either as an
ibis (long-beaked bird) or as a baboon. An ancient legend said that Ra created Thoth from his tears one
day when he was sad. At the beginning of time, Thoth helped to materialize the thoughts of Ra and bring
them into existence by naming them. Ra realized that Thoth was valuable and chose him to be the
moon, so that Thoth could watch over the earth while Ra was not in the sky. Thoth taught the human
race about writing, mathematics, geometry, architecture, astronomy and medicine. He was also credited
with inventing the scientific method. Thoth also watched over the souls of the deceased as they traveled
through the underworld. If they were having difficulty, Thoth sent help to them. Thoth was called on
often by the Egyptian people for help in many situations, from arguments to sickness and injury. He had
a reputation for integrity and honesty. Thoth, the god of all wisdom, was wise enough to be friendly and
fair to every creature that he met.