Goddess Bastet


The most beloved cat of all Egypt was Bastet, the gentle, fun-loving cat goddess. Like the lion goddesses, she was a daughter of Ra, so Bastet could be fierce when necessary. She cut off the head of the evil serpent Apophis, who threatened Ra. Unlike the other lionesses of Ra, Bastet stayed home with her family. She watched over them, protecting them from dangers both seen and unseen. Bastet had magical powers over demons and dark forces. According to legend, she protected ancient Egyptians during the Demon Days at the end of the Egyptian New Year, when amulets of Bastet were worn for protection and good luck. Above all, Bastet took good care of her kittens, and she was often shown on amulets with kittens at her feet. In fact, she was one of the goddesses who protected pregnant women and very young babies. At home with her human families, she watched over them patiently, gentle and calm, the model of the home-loving cat. Like all cats, Bastet was playful and loved to celebrate. She danced and played music on her sistrum (a kind of tambourine). In ancient Egypt, wild parties were held in her honor once a year at Bubastis. It is said that more Egyptian wine was drunk at these parties than at any other time of the year