Goddess MA-AT


Ma-at is the goddess of what is right, of honesty, fairness, and truth; she is justice. She is Cosmic Harmony, the way things should be. When an ancient Egyptian person said "It is Ma-at", she meant "This is true," or "It is right." Ma- at's wings stretch out over both gods and humans, for all must live according to her. Yet the Law of Ma-at was not written down anywhere. It was carried deep within the heart of each ancient Egyptian, as it is in all people, because in our hearts we all know what is right. Ancient Egyptians tried to live according to the law of Ma-at, to be honest, fair, and kind to each other. When the time came to die, and Anubis led the deceased person to the hall of Osiris to be judged, Ma-at's Feather of Truth was weighed against the person's heart. If that person had lived a good, kind, honest life, the heart would be as light as that feather. But if their heart heavy evil deeds, the scales would tip down and the person's soul would be gobbled up by Ammut. In very ancient times Ma-at was seen standing behind Ra as he created the world, to guide Like Ra, Ma-at existed the beginning of time. Her wide, outstretched wings suggest that she came from a higher dimension.